Multiplatform coverage of the highly anticipated arrival of Caitlin Clark’s WNBA draft class went beyond the spot news to explain the significance of the event in a way that was accessible to sports fans and nonsports fans alike.

Sports reporters Doug Feinberg, Teresa Walker and Mike Marot used relationships they have established covering women’s basketball over many years to keep AP on top of the buzz surrounding Caitlin Clark and the WNBA draft, with an assist from Indiana-based reporter Isabella Volmert. Following comprehensive coverage of the women’s NCAA Tournament, Feinberg quickly pivoted to the WNBA draft to capture the momentum from the record-setting women’s Final Four.

The team produced a multiplatform array of stories that was unmatched, looking at everything from what was next for Clark and other young luminaries in the draft to the fashion at the event. Feinberg also was the first to get comments from Clark after her buzzy appearance on “SNL” — those remarks went viral before NBC’s “Today” show talked with her Monday morning.

The draft coverage performed well with both AP’s customers — domestically and internationally — and its consumers, proving how the news cooperative’s continued coverage of women’s basketball is resonating.