A concerted effort by an AP team on the ground in Las Vegas drove unprecedented audience engagement for the annual CES tech show, where more than 3,000 companies push their innovations. AP provided comprehensive coverage that touched on the metaverse, sustainability, the future of electric vehicles, the economic climate for startups and more. There were dozens of video edits, at least a dozen lives, hundreds of photos, and daily roundups of the coolest, most buzz-worthy tech, all curated on the Technology hub of APnews.com.

Global Business Editor Noreen Gillespie and Deputy Global Business Editor Cara Rubinsky worked with Howie Rumberg on the content strategy for the event, focusing on audience growth and increasing engagement over previous CES coverage. James Brooks and Cassandra Allwood from Horizons and Luke Sheridan and Eugene Garcia from US News produced videos covering a wide range of topics. Photographers John Locher and Rick Bowmer made sure there were photos with each piece of copy. Rubinsky coordinated coverage on the ground, working with business reporter Haleluya Hadero, financial wellness reporter Adriana Morga, Las Vegas reporter Rio Yamat and climate reporter Brittany Peterson, who also helped with video.

Stories received up to four times as many views on APNews as previous coverage of CES. The Wi-Fi on Delta flights story was one of the AP’s top five stories of the week on Facebook with over 275,000 views.

AP Horizons customers received 44 distinct video pieces throughout CES. Content was used by 85 customers 918 times, compared to the same period last year when 71 customers used CES content 749 times. As of Jan. 12, 26 of the 60 most popular videos of the week, according to Teletrax, were from CES.