Victor Caivano, Leo La Valle, Mauricio Cuevas, Rodrigo Abd, Gustavo Garello and Matilde Campodonico used impeccable planning to achieve the live shot and photos that gave the world a historic look as Argentines erupted in joy after their team’s World Cup final win.

A weeklong preparation of navigating a never-ending barrage of obstacles to ensure a live-shot position with connectivity that would overcome a raft of challenges paid off as we offered a live with an elevated view over the gathered multitudes in central Buenos Aires.

The live was streamed for nearly 8 hours on APNews and got a million views. It was used by clients, including some of the world’s biggest broadcasters and unmatched by our competition and even highly resourced local networks.

The great planning also paid off with impactful images from the area around the Obelisk where joyful Argentines celebrated the victory. Among customers, SKY and Al Jazeera carried AP’s lives. And the photos got play around the world on digital platforms and in print.