Reporters Eric Tucker and Juliet Linderman wrote a deeply reported, nuanced and original profile of Leo Wise, the lead prosecutor in the Hunter Biden case. 

After Hunter Biden’s plea deal fell apart in July, Tucker recalled that Wise had been involved in some of Baltimore’s highest-profile prosecutions. He set out with Linderman, who has spent years reporting in Baltimore and is well-sourced in the city, to craft a story about a prosecutor they came to find was quite controversial. 

The reporting duo revealed how Wise had been replaced in his leadership role in the U.S. attorney’s office in Baltimore after a series of clashes with office leadership. The profile was timely, hitting the wire just days before Hunter Biden is arraigned on gun charges. 

The story was the first major profile of Wise. ABC ran it prominently on its website, and it was a top headline for news outlets in Delaware and Maryland.