Race and Ethnicity and education reporter Annie Ma, Race and Ethnicity video journalist Noreen Nasir, Philadelphia law enforcement reporter Claudia Lauer and Miami politics reporter Adriana Gomez Licon centered on LGBTQ+ students and kids of color in a powerful story to show the impact of GOP efforts against inclusion at schools.

In a monthslong Race and Ethnicity and education collaboration, reporters built relationships with students, navigating sensitivities and safety concerns so they could share the stories of vulnerable LGBTQ+ kids and students of color, whose identities are being targeted regularly by their district’s school board members and lawmakers. The students unanimously said they felt less welcome in school, the one place all American kids are supposed to feel safe.

Their stories showed, rather than told, the impacts. Nasir accompanied Ma and Lauer to create a powerful, compelling video, showing the students going about their school lives, while they spoke about aggression or discouragement they’ve encountered as students.

The team’s focus on the students was a hit with customers across the U.S. It landed on front pages in Ohio, Nebraska, North Carolina, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania and received solid attention on AP News in a busy week.