Journalists Gabe Stern, Michelle Price, Eva Malek, Godofredo Vasquez, Mike Pesoli and Panagiotis Mouzakis combined to produce clear, multiformat explanatory coverage of the complicated electoral process in Nevada, and why it matters.

The latest piece of the AP’s “Our Very Complicated Democracy” series, the project explained the unusual set of elections happening as Republicans choose a presidential nominee, and how state parties like the Nevada GOP have bent rules to favor Donald Trump. Reno-based reporter Stern embraced new formats to contribute audio and video in addition to text. He worked with national politics reporter Price on a text story explaining why Nevada has both a caucus and a primary. Stern connected with a GOP county chairman who shared the challenges he’s facing in his vast corner of the state. Photographer Vasquez traveled to Elko, to show the GOP chairman at work, the streets and shops of Elko and the county’s remote landscapes. Motion graphics designer Malek in San Francisco created an animated video. Stern provided the voice-over, recording from his closet to ensure the clearest possible sound. The video was used in the digital immersive and as part of AP’s and our customers’ other coverage of Nevada's elections. Washington video producer Pesoli produced a second video under tight deadlines. London’s Mouzakis produced the digital site, combining multiple pieces into immersive storytelling. The final product showed the breadth of skills among AP staff worldwide.