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Alexandra Kustova, 12, shows how she dances prior to an interview in her family’s apartment in Yekaterinburg, a city in Russia’s Urals, May 7, 2020. With all her studies online during the pandemic, she has more time for her two favorite hobbies – ballet and jigsaw puzzles – and spends more time with her family.

AP Photo / Anton Basanaev

Martha Irvine, Chicago-based global enterprise journalist, and a team of AP journalists collaborated on a multinational project, talking to kids about living with the coronavirus and asking them to use art to show what they believe the future might hold. Some sketched or painted, while others sang, danced ballet or built with LEGOs. A few just wanted to talk. The video interviews, story and photos, along with the kids’ art and a masterful presentation on AP News – brought their stories to the world in an intimate, engaging package.