AP’s Bangkok-based journalists, coordinating with a cast of colleagues from Southeast Asia to Australia to London, delivered unmatched agency coverage, impressive for its speed and scope after Thailand’s deadliest mass shooting — 36 people dead at a day care center, most of them children. The ex-police officer responsible also killed his wife and child, and then killed himself.

As an all formats team headed by air to Uthai Sawan, a small village in one of the country’s poorest and most remote areas, AP was quick to secure user-generated content from sources there, sending out nearly a dozen videos the first day, in addition to text updates and photos. Coverage continued with the arrival of staffers and freelancers on the ground, and included live video, stories of the town in mourning, the lone child to survive the shooting unscathed, and the wrenching, sensitively told story of a family that lost a 4-year-old daughter.